How to Build your Own Robotic Bartender

From components to materials, assembly and programming, see what it takes

Devices and Products

Liquor dispensers, drink carts, bar caddies, and more cocktail related items

Cocktails and Drink Recipes

Make the perfect cocktail – whether by hand or machine

The Mix-A-Bot Kit

Order everything you need to make your Mix A Bot

Getting a Pre-Made Drink Robot

How to order a completed robot

Other Arduino and Pi Enhancements

Ice-makers, mixers, and other add-ons

Make your own Robotic Bartender without a machine shop

We stick to user-friendly materials, designed for those who want to get their hands on their products

Ready to order and make drinks immediately

We don’t presell hardware that will never be made. SirMixABot is ready to order and ready to run. We’ve made almost every component open source so we can continue to improve the concept.

Multiple sizes to fit any bar space

Whether for your apartment, home, or office, there is a SirMixABot for you!

Latest News

For product updates, peeks behind the scene, and special offers

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